BoCo Alert System

Level 1 Fire Restrictions in effect for western Boulder County (more). See flyer and map for details.

Parks & Open Space

Parks & Open Space


Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch Connection

A feasibility study is underway to consider opportunities for a multi-use trail between Eldorado Canyon State Park and Walker Ranch. While there is an existing pedestrian/equestrian link, the trail is too steep and rocky to accommodate bicyclists.

Grills Closed

Charcoal grills are closed at Betasso Preserve, Hall Ranch, Heil Valley Ranch, Mud Lake, Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain, and Walker Ranch. Only propane/gas grills and stoves are permitted in picnic areas during the fire ban.

Junior Ranger Adventures Summer Challenge

Hey kids! Do you love animals as much as the Boulder County Park Rangers? Join us this summer for lots of awesome wildlife adventures. The challenge ends August 26.

Oil & Gas Development on Open Space

Boulder County is committed to protecting our open space from oil and gas development to the greatest extent possible.


Parks & Open Space Mission

To conserve natural, cultural, and agricultural resources and provide public uses that reflect sound resource management and community values.

Parks & Open Space Goals

  1. To preserve rural lands and buffers.
  2. To preserve and restore natural resources for the benefit of the environment and the public.
  3. To provide public outreach, partnerships, and volunteer opportunities to increase awareness and appreciation of Boulder County’s open space.
  4. To protect, restore, and interpret cultural resources for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.
  5. To provide quality recreational experiences while protecting open space resources.
  6. To promote and provide for sustainable agriculture in Boulder County for the natural, cultural, and economic values it provides.
  7. To develop human resources potential, employ sustainable and sound business practices, and pursue technological advancements.

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Parks are open sunrise to sunset

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